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JR(Suzhou) Automation Technology Co. ,Ltd

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JR(Suzhou)Automation Technology Co.,Ltd for Taiwan CHIAREY ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD sales company in China,specializing in"GUBOA"brand high-speed encoder and related ancillary products sales,technical support and service.My company's IGS magnetic induction high-speed built-in encoder has the advantages of small size,high frequency,accurate positioning,high protection level,applicable to all kinds of harsh environment and so on.Since the GUBOA brand has entered China for several years,it has been working with the major machine tool factories,main shaft factories and robot manufacturers,and has been well received by the manufacturers in terms of product performance.

We undertake a variety of encoder research and development,manufacturing,and to provide customers with the most reasonable encoder solutions.In use,we provide pre-sales explanation,on-site support,and assist customers to solve problems.Note:spindle encoders,gear encoders,high-speed encoders,magnetic ring encoders,GUBOA magnetic induction encoders,and A20B-2003FANUC encoders are among the"GUBOA"encoders mentioned in the product.

All employees will be satisfied with our customers for our goals,the future will be more professional product knowledge,and constantly improve the quality of"good      faith,professionalism,service"spirit and you create a better future.





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